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June 25, 2007

June 25, 2007 Monday 12:19 PM

Cleaning my harddrive is like...
... druging the ocean floor.
you never know what your getting
Till you look

Cleaning my harddrive is like
And archeological dig.
Without the civilization part
Class Today

Class today featured a Registored and professional nurse (the teacher) moving onto a bit of tangent on how non-perscription drugs such as Tylenol when used daily perhaps for years can damage the renal system. I suppose it was a good thing that I always turn down medicines... if I can live without taking it.. than I'm not taking. Course the whole vitamin study thing has got me confused on other aspects of supplements for living.

Eternally Lucid

Lucid Dream Forever?
If you kept the brain tissue alive and made sure to qwell the pain receptors what would it be like? Suppose you had no outside input? Or perhaps just visual input? I sat in class at the very beginning and thought about it. Would it go crazy and still not be able to tell anyone that it wanted off. Would that be hell? Or would it be a lucid dream? ... forever.

Notes Section

Funny Town Names Here's some motivation to call the dentist. (I'm not saying I have it but I'm sure a bit cleaner about things) Dental Abscess

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