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Live my life or yours?

June 21, 2007 Thursday 7:09PM Live my Life or yours? Noise From Above

I re-enter my cozy apartment to the sound of something quite bassy invading from the ceiling. Someone up there enjoys subwoofing almost as much as a dog on a submarine. I fancy the idea of walking upstairs and asking them about it but I think any excuse I give isn't going to cut it. I like to work without noise and so simply covering up the sound with my own isn't going to work to resolve the issue. Outside of that I would normly be most impacted if I was actualy filming a movie and needed a clean soundtrack. I could walk up and ask them to turn down the bass but if I wasn't making a movie.. I suppose that wouldn't be fair.

It reminds me I should place the 'hello neighboors' cards on all the doors to see whom is actually living around here.

Flea on a Dog

I didn't mean to slam the thrill seekers, the fear overcommerings. I was listening to my friend talk about conquring a mountain through the act of climbing or conquring the sea through the act of surfing the waves. And I remarked it was irrational, and that I was more on the side of changing the envirnment as a show of power than simply being in it and doing something with it.

I had used the blantent metaphor of the climber on the mountain conquires no more than the flea that climbs on top of the dog does. It's pretty much a flea on a dog...? I didn't mean to hurt the feelings but the dicsussion lead into my general tendency to degrade what I am not competent in or see worthless.

It's happened with sports too. And if I'm forced to think about it I have to agree that seeing value in any activies beyound the central ones required for life is a matter of subjectivity. And so sports fill the same gap as other hobbies and may even have uses for bonding between members of groups or feeling proud to belong... but my Amygdala still places emotions in my mouth and I still sneer. Even though it appears hypocritical to have my cerebral cortex saying I should feel that sports are a waste my central emotion control is not easily swayed by such logic.

It's nice to know my hypocrisy has logical psychology so no one can say I'm being irrational. (As logical fallacy isn't there)

Live my Life or Yours?

I hate the values being placed on 'living life' actitives. Of course those are the ones like 'get out there and...' go sight see, skee, hike some mountains and what not. Get some risk into your life. Yeah okay, sure. Maybe I should be putting some of 'my life' into my life by demoing the fact I live to my values as best as I can and aspire to get closer. I live by incremintaly building upon and playing higher value on skills and growing projects to change the face of my existance as well as others.

Yeah live. But try not to skqander time speeding down hills. I can understand the family aspects. I can say the built in hormones and chemical puppety strings always have their way with people. But I for one will not be pushed around by those whom have decided 'living life' means doing all their other 'things'

It reminds me of those people whom claim I simply "have to go see the mountain" in person.
"Look at how beatufil it is"
They have already assumed Nature = Beatuy
Couldn't I differ? I've looked at melted bowls of chocolate and vannilla ice cream that look cooler than that mess of rock sitting their annoying me. And there are far fewer mosquito bites involved.

Now I exaggerate to make the point. I don't feel 'that' against the sites... But you get the idea. Put in my Place

I was put in my place by the cell phone dealer guy at the Sprint shop. He made sure to state he was part of the Certified MS Developer after I walked into some sort of mac verse pc dispute. It was sort of a statement of "I'm an expert and your not" I didn't realize as it was happening but later in the car I thought to myself what had happened. (As often as realizing after the fact happens with me)

You HAVE to see what this is about!
READ the part about Verizon Wireless User Interface & Software Petition
I needed a style for notes.
Since I'm trying to seperate 
writings that have a bit more 
thought from that which does not. 

It's simply the other half of keeping this file alive. I make notes about what I find so that I may return to the ideas. Chronologically I can see where concepts first began and how often I returned to them.

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