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Net Returns

June 12, 2007 Net Returns

The Net Returns!
It does feel better to be able to communicate again.
I was really isolated for a bit.

A few days ago I showed my friend how to 
stop radio signals from reaching her cell phone
by placing it in a metal ammo box.
What I didn't mention was the principles behind
Faraday Cage

I'm wondering if I should just forget the whole ordeal and not post
the text of that week. 
I suppose I could quietly go about the rest of the days and just leave
one long blank in the middle.

Being able to return to the online world helps make me feel
empowered again. Also, a bit more out reached. All that stuff
about a computer that isn't connected is like inward reflection
was getting kind of old.

Will I fill in the blanks... ? I don't know anymore.

1 comment:

Dad said...


At work I only have Safari and Netscape browsers. In Safari, the right hand column of your page is set to a specific width - which it should be to keep the page looking as you designed. But your web page program does not recognize that it shouldn't break up words. It broke up the word "rest."

Netscape doesn't break up your words but it doesn't recognize your column width either so the sentences run outside of the default browser width.

Neither makes the read impossible - although the Safari breaks are annoying, but I know you take pride in the look of your page and like a programming challenge.

Just a view from the outside,


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