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Some Days Just Want to be Bad

June 19, 2007 2:46 PM Some Days Just Want to be Bad

I try to prevent them but they just keep trying. I try to forget about the feeling of a teacher singling me out in class to add some theatrics to her frustration of lack of attendance. Least that's my theory. I try to forget the fact it made me uncomfortable for the remainder of the class and then some when we go out for the gardening demo and the presenter bitingly reminds me the plant name is in the packet.

Yeah I wasn't in the best mood after leaving... and it tainted the feel of getting to walk through the new Behavior Science Building. BSB for short I suspect. I walked while trying to shrug off those feelings I had acquired during class. Not really possible entirely... But once I was there...

I looked up at the new mason work and sleek boxy look. I don't believe I'd be able to describe the place fully as I was simply impressed by the 5 stories and great view I found on the top floor overlooking all of Arcata and then some. It's my new favorite place. I thought to myself. The view beat Founders Hall by a mile. And from that stand point one can see up over the trees and feel like your important.

This is a view. I thought while standing and leaning over the railing a bit. This is the sort of outdoor patio I like. Having slab of wood surrounded by forest at ground level didn't cut it for me. If I want to be outside I'd better get a fantastic view. And that's final.

I remarked to myself about how this building was the one stop shop for all my graduate needs. If only this wasn't the final year. This place housed philosophy, mathematics, computer science and psychology... I think. Maybe not psychology and there are certainly other social sciences that fill out the rest of the 5 floors but that is clearly the building to be in. I also started muttering about how this is all in as I leave the school. What a shame. Now I have to do graduate work just to get to be here. It is bond money after all and the way the California system is set up it means students will foot the bill in the future.

After that little cheer up trip I noticed my hip popping out a bit as I walked up some hills back towards my bike. This was not good. I could feel the popping as I walked with one hand on my hip joint and feeling that sinking this is going to be trouble feeling come over me. I had fallen pretty hard at the skating rink a few days ago. And my hip was hit pretty hard.

I try not to let the day be bad as I try to figure out what kind of day I'm having. But I can't seem to place it. As I ride home feeling the wind cool off my face and body I pretend this day is a person continuing to ask to be a bad day. It so wants to. Maybe I'll just let it...

fighting it is such hard work.

Why is this post written better?

I made a note in class that says, "Artistic Moments" and thought about the style of my page deserves better writing even if better writing takes more time. It's the time issue that had me deciding I could merely pick out a few simpler moments of the day and write them. But write them better.

This is not with out trade off. And I still want to use the place for quick notes but why not make an effort while I can? I still need quick notes but I can separate them from the better writing... course this place was never intended for good writing.... I have yet to whip the other blogs into a delightful shape. But that... is a dish best served soon.

From Wired Magizine. "Ultimately, this is about intimacy -- how much of ourselves we're willing to give away to strangers. Personally, I enjoy being able to construct identities carefully in text; that's because I grew up with text as my main online mode. It's possible that the impending generation of gamers will simply find voice chat more natural, in the same way that teenagers today happily blog about their personal lives and post pictures and videos of themselves. They regard personal revelation not as an incursion of privacy but a marker of authenticity."

Quotes from a differnte page... "If you introduce reality into a virtual world, it's no longer a virtual world: it's just an adjunct to the real world. It ceases to be a place, and reverts to being a medium. Immersion is enhanced by closeness to reality, but thwarted by isomorphism with it: the act of will required to suspend disbelief is what sustains a player's drive to be, but it disappears when there is no disbelief required."

I really need to seperate quick notes 
from entry 
from quotations...

and when I 'need' pre tags why not
use when necessary?
What has brought on this beautification process? I don't know but it's still going. Maybe if I do my job rigth people won't bounce off as soon as they enter the site.

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