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Sub Surface Scattering

June 24, 2007 Sunday Sub Surface Scattering

Two Clicks to a Face Lift

Not an actually lift, but I pressed two extra buttons and suddenly my model had a much more realisitc and soft quality to it. Subsurface Scattering added that brilate touch of realism I always wished I could get and the application along with one of the skin1 presents was astonishing.

End Game Yet?

I've seen so many atrocities in so many forms via documentaries and other what nots. I wonder as time goes by what the final inevitable picture of the world will be? I keep thinking about the dynamic nature of activism. The fact that if one ponders their changing role say if I were to rise through some company would the resulting picture of the world through the information I am to learn change my behavior? And if so.. by how much?

I was viewing the documentary "The Corporation" for the 3 or 4th time but this time with a friend. She was getting up set but I remained some what disassociated with it and with reality for that matter. I suppose the complete picture I get is giving me pause to contemplate what I should really be doing with my time.

I was starting to wonder if this all was a hopeless fight. And perhaps I should change plans. But probably not the one where I have this fuzzy 'don't assume you'll live past 30 or 40' idea I get from time to time. Now there's a tactic.
Assume a shorter live expectancy and then proceed to enjoy the indulgences.

Notes Section

Command J and then check Calculate ALL sizes This should help locate the largest files in which to examine thus increasing the likeliness that you will free space. (slightly rounded break down) 1 GB is 1000 MB 1 MB is 1000KB 1 KB is 1000 bytes 1,000,000,000 Bytes So 1 Gig is 1 Billion Bytes yum

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