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June 15, 2007 Saturday Tactical Vagueness Daniel's Re-Rant

I hear by re-rant for the amusement of others: You need to put forth the evidence and logic of your ideas, otherwise you just come off like an angry hippy complaining about how some "they" is destroying the world. The question is not what the worlds problems are. The question is, why are people not taking the seemingly obvious solutions solutions to them? - Daniel

I'm glad I didn't chuck the router given that it actually worked right away this time. Phew! I can't believe it.. it seems it just all falls into place.

One might say it's a sort of tactical vaguness I use here. It's a bit of a code to jog my memories without writing anything directly. Viewed in that light, it may come off as bad writing but it has a purpose.

I'm worried about my friend again. She's having a hard time. And there isn't anything I can do really.

By the way, the Safari bug really isn't 'fixed' in the way I would like it to be fixed. I just broke down and added <br> tags.

And this time <p> too.

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