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June 17, 2007 Sunday Untitled

My journal is looking a little different these days. Perhaps, much more ... shall we say readable? Why yes, I have taken the time to tweak little issues and decided to write with the use of extra html flags and adjust style to fit traditional paragraphs and indentations...
I also found a document that told me justification (while nice in tradiation formats) makes things much harder to read on web pages. Go figure.

What I like the most is that there is a command that indents the first line
text-indent: 2em;
Does the trick and I was happy to see it.

I figure, it was about time I made the page... readable rather than just easy for me to write... You see I add tags as I type my entires and I just didn't want to deal with adding <p> </p> and <br /> as I write but I'm beginning to enjoy the wrapping to page rather than having to scroll. As I'm sure others enjoy a good wrap much more.

The really funny part was someone had thought I took pride in the page... that really wasn't true as I had often grit my teeth at the formating.. It just was a while before I fixed it.
And got off my ass and wrote in the proper html tags

The site that tells me justification is bad.

If I claim to be a web designer I should at least have a site that is designed well enough to make people think I have something to say. So, before I did the whole 'here's how to design a nice page' I need to make my page look good.

I fell pretty hard the other day when I was at the skating rink and it is still a bit sore. I haven't fallen that hard in a long long time. It really woke me up. It reminded me of when I first started to learn to skate on inline blades. I fell pretty hard a lot of times. I was just getting comfortable with it this time adn that is when it happened. I was skating backward and fell. Too fast and too little control.

Let's hear it for the Prefrontal Cortex Did you hear the one about the rail road worker and the metal bar in his head? He was a changed man! And to think that this one bit of brain matter could matter so much. Ouch.

The end of belief in things? Death of Santa
Good or bad... you decide.

This is much more scary... Americas War on Science

I sat nearby while a younger friend was myspacing and then suddenly asked if things were plugged in... They're like, "Yeah, additional plugins required" And I laugh to myself. It's not about the cords plugged in it's about browser plug ins!

What I'd like to do someday

Nice to know ZeFrank has something to say about my paper on procrastination.

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