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August 30, 2007 Thrusday 4:24 PM Body Image Body Image

It's funny how I went from pretty much ignoring my body to taking care of it. In the past my physical self was nothing more than a nuisance I had to put food in. I was always completely mental... and in a major kind of way I still am, but these days I take a little better care.

Maybe it was having someone care for me more than I did myself. Maybe it was the bite I felt from far too many dentist visits. Maybe it was time I took care of myself for once.... well in the physical kind of way. And besides myself is all I really have.

So I went from brushing almost never to once a day, to twice a day and now I aim for brushing and flossing 3 times a day. I shave, I clean, and I push up here and there. And clean house by taking well deserved rest breaks and managing my time so that I 'have' rest breaks.

Getting back to living is the most centering thing. Getting back to breathing can help too. I find that when I am somewhat down and I'm afraid I'll have much of it in the future.
I tend to throw myself into my work. And ignore the background of folks that build the set of daily life.

As I walked today... images passed through my mind. I saw the people walking about as grayed out and filling in the background. As egocentric as it is I wondered what the world would be like had many others taking the view.
I would just be a piece of furniture on the set of their lives?

Who are the major players in your life?
Who differentiates themselves from the background?

Do you have a background? Or do you place everyone in the foreground and live your life far differently than I.

Notes Section

One of the Coolest Concepts I've seen in a long time. When I first saw this I had to watch it at least 2 more times. He looks kind of like kent too. You can find more of Jamin Winans work at
SWEET! three way touch screen! I want one!

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