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Coding and Waiting

August 18, 2007 Saturday 5:03 PM Coding and Waiting
Registry Code And Text Effects

I can not easily portray the text effect I created with my own python blender script. It looks like the typing letters effect only now that I've programmed it into blender I have complete control and I can go much futher with the effect than others. So, it doesn't look like much now.. But it will be.
Seems as though the Archive isn't working for uploads. Maybe there isn't a quota on images on the blogger image account after all if there is I'll soon find out.

8:46 PM
WAIT I've been thinking about this all wrong. I shouldn't be focusing on someone not being here... but trying to enjoy the fact I have them to hold. A simple realization helps. ... it really does. But it's easy to forget when one gets wrapped up in the backward lonely way of thinking... even if it would be much simpler.


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