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Good Day

August 24, 2007 Friday Good Day

Well I had a good day today... And thus concludes the first week of classes. A complete first week.

Spotting Zara

I thought about visiting with someone tonight. I thought about getting out there.. and at first I was thinking of other people but than I REMEMBERED Zara's Birthday! It's Zara's birthday and I have to go find her. So I biked out into the cloudy greyness of the day and heard she was on her way to a landrymatte. And so I guessed correctly... and was able to see her. And hang out to celebrate a bit of her birthday... which I found people had already made a cake for her.

It was fun. CARD games, card stacking, light joking commentary. And I made sure to leave before I overstayed my welcome. So, it was genearlly a success.

First Week of Last Semester???

Maybe maybe not.
Could be.
Lots of reading.. and I"m wanting to actually make sure I get to every class. Though if I take on a 499 I could receive a bad grade in one of my major courses and still get out free.

Classes were tended, books were bought, females were met. In all it was an exciting week. And I show many more people I knew than I ever thought I would see. So, it won't be so lonely afterall I guess.

My job teaches me a lot... and as I learn more and can accomplish more I feel better about going in. Like after a while I'll

Notes Section

Monaco 14.0 pt. with anti aliasing turned on looks fairly good in the terminal. I'll try it out and see if I want to keep it. // get rid of blue Folder names export LSCOLORS="Hxfxcxdxbxegedabagacad" put in user folder .bash_profile ;)

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