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I DID IT! Compile Blender!

August 25, 2007 Saturday 3:14 PM I DID IT! What about a diagram mode.. that speeds the ability to get some location info without waiting for lots to download. So close and yet so far.... I DID IT! FINALLY!!

August 25, 2007, Saturday 7:22 PM I knew I had a good feeling about it.
This hails the first time I was able to COMPILE a LARGE OS project!!! non of that other small math librariy stuff... a Big BIG project!!! I'm excited... finally.. it's been so long since I've wanted to get this to compile.. and now I CAN!

It's funny... despite all the bad feelings I've been having lately... this really worked out. after so many months of trying to make things work... I finally did it... minus some support I have no idea what it does.. So not fully featured... but I'll figured out what is missing.. now it's time to read SOURCE! with purpose!

Notes Section

Linking program ==> 'blender' /usr/bin/ld: warning -L: directory name (/Users/chrisstones/Documents/workspace/lib/darwin-6.1-powerpc/iconv/lib) does not exist /usr/bin/ld: can't locate file for: -lIex collect2: ld returned 1 exit status scons: *** [/Users/chrisstones/Documents/workspace/build/darwin/bin/blender] Error 1 scons: building terminated because of errors. snail$ Never give up... never surrender. .. I keep trying to compile blender. I think the nature of this error is promising though.... it's a linking issue. ;) WAIT!!! snail$ scons WITH_BF_OPENEXR=0 I compiled it!!!!!! it runs!!!!

Strangly enough I spend so many hours thinking about these development things that inspiration strikes me while I'm out and about...
I was browsing for movies at the local video store when the code for selecting and accessing the directories came to me...

That was about the time I decided to leave the store and bike home quickly so that I could type it out. I still have qualms about the way my code looks because I don't know how to handle certain aspects of the language. I'd have to have someone look at it.
But for now all I do is mark the spots.

I'd better not forget about those other software ideas... the hummer, and the echo distractor for stickam.
This entry really should be tricked out more due to the exciting nature of things... oh well.

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