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Lost Touch

August 21, 2007 Tuesday 10:31 PM Lost Touch And it's a shame

I like good places to spend time at. I realized as I walked about today... I want to work on cutting edge material in the new 5 story building. I'm high up.. I can see far and I'm getting to browse new ideas and explore new avenges of thought. I like to work out mathematics up there.

And for old style thoughts, for old arts such as philosophy and history? I go to the oldest place on campus... The Founders Hall Court Yard. Only.... its not the same. There was once a nicer place to sit. There once were nice benches.. to match a delightful lighting, and temperature and style... but no longer any nice place to sit. My reading suffered .. my nostalgia suffered... and I realized this could no longer 'be' one of my favorite places. ..
The feel was wrong.. all wrong. I've lost touch with this place I once enjoyed so much.
I once described the place in an older post...

"I must have felt grateful.
The way I sat down on that bench in the middle
of Founders Hall Courtyard. Great sitting location
by the way. The wooden boards ease in a little and it
fits more like a ridged hammock than a wooden bench."

Me NOT enjoying the new hard stone benches. The old wooden ones had enough give... these do not. And they have destroyed the feel of a place I once loved.

When Joy's happy..

I'm happy.

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