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August 27, 2007 Monday 11:40 PM Mini-Adventures

Between Class and Still Kicking

It's amazing what can happen in those hour breaks between classes. I was walking through the campus food distro place (you know a food court like thing) It's called the Depo for those whom do not know. And I came accross Adrianna.

An older female whom I had seen scattered here and there in distant months. And on this day I walked and talked with her on the way to her office. She is a new teacher trying to earn her PhD here at HSU and teaching for the first time alone.

She spoke and I listened as we walked back to her office. Perhaps, This doesn't sound like an adventure to you. But meeting a somewhat stranger and following along as she explains her expereince was exciting and different.
I was glad to be there

Johns Plight

He is homeless. Sleeping where he can.
Attempting to stay creative follow his dreams. And worried about the lack of jobs for his time of skills in this county. This fellow has been here for a long while. I do not believe I can even imagine this place without this fellow.
His social impact is evident whenever one walks through the depo. His kindly and open manner has pulled many a HSU student towards his friendly direction and in turn has probialby left a bit of impact on each and every soul that has come his way.

A hardy volumous laugh and you know Johns somewhere with in 50 meters of your location.

And now he can't even finish as a student for he has no money to pay for the classes he needs. And on this day with no pay he tries to fix a broken computer for the Lumber Jack. (The school newspaper)
The real issue? There is no mac tech support for the HSU campus.

He does not get paid for this and yet he's out attempting to find anyone willing to help solve the problem. I happened to walk by on my route back from the CDC (Course Ware Development) where I spoke of adding an Attendence Sheet Module to moodle (after speaking with Adrianna I realized it's need) Besides it shows ambition on my part.

I over heard the lack of support for macs as the help desk there turned him away. I tried to help. And was inspired to do more for the Lumber Jack.
Besides, I heard they wanted to do more with media. ;)

Notes Section

Doing good one day at a time.
First time IRC ZanQdo

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Mason said...

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