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Still Forward

August 29, 2007 Wednesday 9:00 PM Still Forward

It quickly becomes harder each day to get every task done by the end of it. I'm behind. And things have to change in my living condition for me to catch up... least I feel that way. Sadly as it is, I need things to be a certain way before I can relax... and I'm still nervous about my dentist appointment on Friday.. (I thought it was tommorow)

When I have so much to do, I reach the end of the night and think... journal entry? Why? And yet I find something to note.. something to put down becase filling in those blanks means something to me. It means I've lived... and my records live on in their own right.

The way the keys feel.. late at night. The way the terminal looks when spending hours that I've lost track of. I've learned so much and at times I realize I need to enjoy how far I've come.. in order to appreciate the fact I still have so much further to go.

Notes Section

He has the SAME problem! Parser eh? ParserBuilder Hello everyone! I've used Eclipse and PHPEclipse in the past, and was able to get custom function documentation on hover. On my new install, I've been unable to, and, upon researching, realized that there's no pointer in my .project file. However, after fixing said problem, as well as rebuilding, I still had no hover help. I went looking in my install directory, and, realized that in both my feature and plugin directory, there is no net.sourceforge.phpeclipse.parserbuilder folder or file anywhere. Thank you in advance for your help! is this the answer?

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