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Zombie Walk

August 26, 2007 Sunday 1:24 PM Zombie Walk

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Ted Talks are always inspiring. They are good things to watch.

Zombie Walk

I've been hitting the code pretty hard today. Maybe not as hard as yesterday.. I've devoted almost the entire weekend to this.... well this and some bike rides to clear my head... which conseqently had a headache attached to it. I haven't been eating well enough ethier.. and I keep randomly feeling hungry but eating doesn't seem to help... very strange.
I hope that's not some kind of programmers syndrom, eh?

No Movies?
I know, it's been painful. I try to focus on production of other things.. and I have. I managed to compile blender and that was a big deal. Plus, I made strides to develope my coding skills and that is important for my trade... which at first I found myself at odd ends with.

At the begining I felt more compelled towards other topics.. but as I'm gradually getting better at the knowledge of compoiling and working through larger projects.... once that gets easier maybe I won't mind it so much... or maybe I'm growing more afraid of alternatives I may be forced into if I fail to learn as much as I can and demonstrate those skills.

It's late now and I need to get sleep before work, but I will note....
I sat out at dusk watching the veil of dark blue slowly engulf the sky. this was after my ride out despite my headache which pounded in concert with my heart... (I hope that's not a bad sign) I visited Larson's Park... a place complete with tensis courts and lights to turn on after it gets too dark out. The well kept courts are a stunning clash with the rest of the park grounds... much of which is old, worn and if it wasn't for such good construction I'm sure would be falling apart.

I sat on the top of the tower of metal bars and watched the sky fade away... what I felt there... couldn't be described in worlds... I wasn't thinking directly.. I was being.

Notes Section

Zombie Walk refers to the way I felt as I walked out aimlessly and just existed.

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