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Most Relaxed in 10 months

September 30, 2007 Sunday 11:43 AM Most Relaxed in 10 months

"History shows that open source has a commodifying effect on software markets. It reduces the power of monopolies and fosters competition for the benefit of consumers: it weakens brand values, drives costs down, provides access to production technologies and creates interchangeable products and services."

All hail one of the most relaxing weekends I've had in a very very long time. I'm so glad I could ease my stress and achieve my school work AND my own work. Its been fabulous to relax and feel like things are taken care of for once.

I spent much of the day rearranging and cleaning the place and I look forward to repairing the damage that I've done to much of my grades up until this point. With luck the little hang ups will be cured and I can coast the rest of the way through my school work.

Now, its a strange thing to feel like I once did.. nearly .... How many months was that? A lot I know. Before the summer maybe even thanks giving break? Yeah, I almost had the same feel as the last thanks giving break. I know it well. Its when I return to my rhythm. When I return to the root of my creativity and I bask in the glow of my own minor achievements once again.

.. wait it was 10 months! I spent 10 months away from my creative wellspring and I paid the ugly price. So much time lost. And so much energy to catch up.

I spent a while solving more lighting issues. I'm on my way to much better renders.


What a Week

September 28, 2007 Friday What a week.

I'd have to say ouch for this week. It's been painful but I think I can recover over this weekend. I'm so far behind in my classes. I have to haul it to get back to nominal levels in both Computer Law and History. Never have I had the sensation of knowing that I scored nearly perfect on one test only to find a complete failing on another. Immediacy upon leaving my history exam I wrote out a study plan that involves filtering out all reading into a series of note cards and reviewing them daily. History 111 is a class I can't afford to fail.

Speaking of not affording. I wonder what plans Delta Dental offers? For it seems my student insurance is soon to run out and I have to book an appointment in 6 months. That's March. I biked home after the ordeal today. It's a minor celebratory note as it was the last cavity I had to have filled.. for now. I've learned my lesson.

I've learned my lesson. Brush, floss, Fluoride rinse. I don't even touch soda the same way I once did. I go for the mug of water instead. That's probably a good thing all around anyway I suppose.

With that mess settled and other messes settled I feel I can obtain what I lacked before.. for so many months... Clarity.

Oh and here's some nice renders I achieved today.
Nice. The slight gloss makes me feel special. Even better. I obtained a colored hue on the surface! Not the best but it was the first one that came out like this. Let's just say it was very rewarding to read about ray tracers and how to use them. ;)


The Jack tutorial is coming

September 27, 2007 Thursday The Jack Tutorial is coming.
Stay tuned. The Jack tutorial is coming...

Notes Section

Why We Must Fight UCITA Skype? Technology that Steals? "The calls are set up and passed on among users, flowing through a chain of computers around the world without traversing any central infrastructure. That’s good for robustness and scalability -- and for Skype, which can avoid massive investments and add new users at near-zero marginal cost."


September 21, 2007

September 21, 2007 Friday


No Time No Time

September 20, 2007 Thursday 11:20 No Time No Time
No time to think. Then pictures pictures!

Ultimate hop scotch!
Can you say Stereotype?


The MIDI Cord of Power!

Pictures say it all...



September 18, 2007 Tuesday 10:06 PM Sky

Notes Section

"It is transcendental, which means that it is not the root (solution) to any polynomial of any degree with integer coefficients. This condition is more restrictive than saying a number is irrational. For example, the polynomial of degree '2', X^2 - 3=0, has the solution X = sqrt(3), which is irrational."


New Camera New Pictures

September 16, 2007 Sunday New Camera New Pictures

Earlier in the week I came home to find my old camera broken. Take a look... that isn't some crazy image of a mosaic that IS the broken screen.

According to my pay check it seemed I was suddenly able to afford a new camera! (To fix the lack of images on the blog lately issue) If you hadn't noticed already my journal has been pretty sparse with the lack of ability to take pictures. I'm glad I found a great camera and I'm doubly glad I could afford it from the hours I worked.

So here's images...

Everyone is in aww at the quality.
Notes Section

Nice to know this exists. Whoa! Super Motion Capture!


The Rule of Law

September 15, 2007 Saturday The Rule of Law Respect the Law

Or pay the price. That's all I'll say. Don't ever be on the wrong side of it or your in for a delightful round of having the full power of the class society against you.

Notes Section BlenderDev/SundayMeetingAgenda


Arduous Journey

September 14, 2007 Friday Big Day

Well it was a big day. A very long and tough and tiring day but in it's own way it was exciting. Recapping now I find I was excited that it was pay day and I was also delighted to pour over a mathematical proof a friend of mine had written. It will prove useful for my own explorations on the topic of the Mean Radius of a Triangle.

But the trying aspect of the day was getting an RV from the backyard of a professors house to the back waters of McKindleyville. The thing died right at the very end of the arduous journey. By arduous I mean the thing barely made it to 40 mph in which case a lone line of cars piled up behind it. And I was right there driving behind her as she made her way through the streets.

Seeing the long row of cars in my mirror prompted me to consider a sort of equation that might predict just how many cars as a function of time spent on the road and the speed difference from the freeway speeds to the vehicle.

In short, the day was long but exciting and I would say fulfilling. I'll sleep well tonight as my whole body feels quite tired from all the other things that went on.

Notes Section This was Shawns page and it includes a published copy of the paper I've been chewing through. I must say he did a good job and was quite imaginative with the thing.
Mean Radius of a Triangle


Rhythm of Life

September 13, 2007 Rhythm of Life


It's hard to explain, Perhaps it's best to mention as a series of procedures by which I control stress while taking care of my work as well as school responsibilities in a timely fashion. I love to think. And in order to think freely and be creative I must spread out my life between hours wondering thought punctuated with intermission of class work and a variety of small more than trivial activity I partake in.

This soup of my life forms a Gantt Chart for success as I have come to know it. And in times when I am obstructed from being able to walk my path at pace I find myself growing stressed.

Furthermore, when someone criticizes me for choosing to play piano before homework rather than immediately homework they clearly do not understand my methods. I never consider it putting off work for I take my whole 6 hour window as one piece that involves what I do and what is required of me.

I feel it unfair to claim 'I'm not doing my work' when the way I proceed with work is much more than a mere serialized independent activity at a time attitude without regard for emotion state and work ethic feel.

I Alternate between my personal projects and school and I achieve both.
Notes Section

Californian Gold - Huell Howser Productions The only movie star moment I've ever had.


I'm on Miro!

September 12, 2007 I'm on Miro!

What is Miro? Miro is high res web video without the wait times!

Notes Section

I'M ON Miro! I'm proud to be another webcast channel on the Miro! How to make Blender more attractive for engineers? Does Viannah still read this?


No Time to Post

September 11, 2007 Tuesday No Time to Post

It's a real shame when I get to the end of the night and i'm out of time for my own writing. I'll stave off the sniffles and make a few remarks from the notes only...

Notes Section

I helped a fellow Java student understand the homework. I never would have spoken had it not been for my imporved confidence and social charm. I wonder if sqlite could make the comm club sorrel space usable for Drupal Virtual Turing Machine idea thought of Reversal of Extravertism Levit Town historic subject to be researched later Got to PLAY a REAL Piano on Campus!!! It was wonderful. Geography only selectively matters based on values "Why do backpacks worn with suits look so bad?"


Virus Code = Free Speech?

September 10, 2007 Monday Virus Code = Free Speech?

The fellow could use some more charismatic presentation skills but he speaks confidently and clearly. Nice all around presenation. Facebook Developers

I've often had questions about free speech and virus code publication. So a site like this caught my attention. Especially the part where they explain why some virus source has been removed: it remarks, "Even though the file is COMPLETELY HARMLESS, and our webpages are covered by Free Speech, we have removed it. "

In which case I would say.. so publishing virus code is free speech. But compiling and using it is against the law. Isn't that fascinating? In my opinion, this is what makes software such a strange entity. As classified under Copyright law software is a liteary work.
But how many liteary works do you know that can take over your computer?

very fascinating.

I think this topic appears suspiciosn from me as I have written it right below the Facebook video api movie. But I assure you I'm not criminal, and I do not write such things.. nor do I have the skill to do so.

Nice to get things like this done again...
You can e mail Chris of Chris World at Be sure to place Dear Chris of Chris World in the subject line or else it will be deleted upon entry. Consider Subscribing to the movies via Miro! Miro Video Player

6:01 PM

I just found out my digital camera is cracked. Funny how that was not to long after finding out about a camera I really want.. happens to be 200 to 300 dollars. (About how much money I make in a pay period) Ironically I can't take a picture of it :(.

Making a Difference

I felt good today. I felt like I was making a difference. Not everyday feels like this. Not everyday has me so excited. I knew I was living the life style of someone whom speaks up in class, in meetings and helps a fellow computer science major get a job.
Yeah, it's a lot.

The common thread was that I spoke up where I would never have normally spoken up. And it changed the day... and I would argue that in some small way the world is changed as well.

Vice Pres. of Communications Club

I get the idea that Tricia is a very structured person. To bed on time. No meandering about if its not necessary. Always forward thinking. And as I sat at the meeting table for the communications club I sat back and enjoyed the display of power that emenates from her when she takes charge. I marveled at the confidence. And I smiled realizing I was capable of the exact same thing.

I have lots to do and to worry about... But designing and helping admin the Communications Club Website sounds like something good for me. It sounds like it has the potential to make a difference. Upon that, it seems that being in a club means something to me now. I've sat in on enough club and group like meetings to realize that you get the most out if you put the most in. And if I'm ready to do so in this small way I may have a much larger impact.

Prejudice Line

I grabbed my sandwitch in prepertion for the lunch code meeting. And as I walked to the 4 cashiers 1 of which was black I noted that despite longer lines many white students would wait in the lines for the other white cashiers. At some point it would even out but for a few moments I noted the difference. As I also noted that the black students would almost always wait in the line with teh black cashier. I think I should bring this up in class.

Despite the cost of a longer line, most people felt willing to make it to have a white cashier (or for some other unknown reason)

Detour Behavior

I stopped

Don't ever think that an idea dies, in my case they always cycle and come back again.
Notes Section

Is there a social density that is average for students at HSU? maybe it's like 1 human per 4 sq meters.
To Aaron Antrim Like memes they are passed on. While I apologize for not being more involved with the big push to revolutionize how clubs and groups on campus utilize their web resources I recalled your amazing inspiration to divide the usage between web tech admins and web users. That was a moment when I went "Ah Ha!" and I have you to thank for it. I'm currently helping in creating the Communications club Website and I wondered if drupal or joomla were every successfully run off of the space as well as I'm interested to hear what became of very thing. Again, I apologize for bringing this possibility delicate topic back up but I wanted to let you know you still have a huge impact regardless of pass events.


I like my Weekends

September 9, 2007 Sunday I like my Weekends

It's true I like my weekends. In fact, I avoided my homework the whole day. Instead, I taught myself various melodies on piano. Including, the metal gear solid main theme and Fur Elise.

It's weird to watch the dvd and read about the people whom didn't like it at the same time. The Forum that hates the Learn piano in a flash how to video

I found myself a bit sad for a very strange reason. I suppose I began to miss her. And it was only after one day. I'm in a fix now aren't I?

I don't know what to say about this one. A friend of mine brought it to my attention and I thought I'd give it contemplation later.... that later hasn't happened yet but I will come back to it... upon reminder.
Tolerance Annoyance

It's possible for me to realize a solution too late.

Here's a picture of Joy and Zara being friends.


Catch of the Day

September 8, 2007 Saturday Catch of the Day

And so I did many things online. Just what have I reeled in? Quite an assortment of things, and short adventures to speak of.

For one, I finally did this..
Blender3D Users Unite!

It is a Blender3D Users group on the infamous tube.
I should tell blendernation

Like, "hi i'm from this video you linked to once...."
And upon recommendation from a few people I'd begin
a blender youtube group. I've always hated the fact I have
to deal with the youtube set up... but it so happens I
have the biggest voice there.. Until that changes...
I have to live with it.

Notes Section

Design python I found out how to run python from my IDE I use at work. PyDev on eclipse Chaos Theory on Rocket Boom! Nice job guys. Rocketboom Chaos Theory I downloaded the HD version later. Nice over view I'm stuck with googTube for better or for worse so I might as well find a feed for my movies. so long as keyword welcometochrisworld but this page is far more helpful In which case I found my feed! feed:// I quickly found button code to use with it... Miro Video Player Unfourntunatly, the site claims the tubes code is wrong... but I need help testing it to find out. Download Miro and click to add my feed. If it worked than I'm happy. If it didn't than I am no happy. It's that simple. Ah the good old days when the females asked the guys. Courtship through the years. I miss the good ol'days. Then when thoughts turned more towards school work... And a state history test.... I was just starting to think.. "man, I've got to study for that state test... and I suddenly found this.. Click to play State Tetris game Oh internet you saved me. Thank you internet. That helps a lot.

Internet People - Watch more free videos


Salvation at Hand

September 7, 2007 Friday

It has been a very long day. And although I was very tired 2 hours ago, I perked up in my focus on various programming and other assorted ideas. There are many things to produce and its beginning to look exciting... especially one idea.

While I stood on the 5th floor of the new BSS building looking out over the trees and towards the ocean I was contemplating beginning an open source project of my own. The focus wouldn't be so much on the code as it woudl telling the story of development and then sharing the learning experience with others whom are newly learned on a programming language. I want to create a video series within the scope of the project to capture all the details of what its like to produce a software project adn oversee its develpoemtn in a community styled envirnment. Should be fun and exciting.

Speaking of fun. I tend to not have fun when I start hearing about other peoples social escapades in their lives. It reminds me I'm quite in experienced on teh whole and I begin to withdraw everytime I hear things brought up with friends. I'm not sure how I fully feel or what I would do as a result of the inadequate feeling. But its save to say I feel a whole lot of things I can't ever quite sort out.

My time of salvation is at hand, I can see the solitude coming and I'm glad.


September 6, 2007

September 6, 2007 Thursday 5:01 PM

Notes Section

Sudbury_school Wow those go way back. "my other hobby is finding creative ways to kill the ants that walk around my house"


No Entry

September 5, 2007 Wednesday 11:11 PM No Entry
It's like what it says.. it's no entry.
Though I will note I pulled off solving that moodle bug at work today! It's why I felt so awake by the time I left... only now I hear I have to go use other code rather than what I fixed.... so besides that it's a good feeling.

Notes Section

And to think I've been using this webmail for 4 years....

And I came here all that while ago.

If I were to cut my time up into parts...
I'd start with 2 years in dorms.

The 2 years on Hidden Creek

Then a final on Diamond.

Each part marking a destinctly differnet feel in the continulus unraveling story of my life in the years beyound 2003 High School Grad.

And yet, I have not fully become independent But I know what to do if tommorrow I had to. I'd be washing dishes at a Casio a few miles away. But quickly realizing before any of that happens I'd like my job to be cozy and programmer like.

I enjoy my bug fixing in the mornings. The intense concentration is starting to show results as I no longer have to check back to my time clock to see only another minute has passed. I work through logic and jump through programed hoops.

And all the while I know I'm becoming better and more capable at my job. As a laboring coder of web technoloyg.. and them some.


These days it's easy to recall those old days.. back in that first or second semester when I think back to those long hours of insane debugging with my poor beginer skills on C++ class style programming.. I remember the cocoa I sipped and the joy of running my first GUI despite the simplisticness of it all.

And it's so fitting to be ending the college lesson with a recap of ideas with the same professors but now new topics.


Own Your Homework!

September 4, 2007 Tuesday Own Your Homework! Your Homework?

Yes, your name might be on the top of the page but is your homework really... your homework?
Maybe not. Technically.....

Chris Stones: what if a student publishes his homework under the GPL 
Chris Stones: before the class assignments are due 
Chris Stones: And another student uses his work 
Chris Stones: Is that plagiarism? 
Jeff Graham: they are probably in violation of the terms of "being a student" 
Chris Stones: funny eh 
Chris Stones: legally they can in school they can't 
6:25 PM 
Jeff Graham: student work produced for in class credit is typically the universities 
Chris Stones: is there a document I can look at to verify that? 
Jeff Graham: its listed somewhere on HSU's site 
Jeff Graham: or talk to a librarian about intelectual property they are usually quite 
informed... if they are good librarians 
Chris Stones: would it be called student terms and conditions? 
Chris Stones: or something? 
Jeff Graham: no 
Jeff Graham: I can't remember, but it is not quite that straightforward 
Chris Stones: dang as soon as I find that... I'm going to make such a fuss 
Jeff Graham: if education was truly devoted to education it would all be published 
"open source" but alas... we have screwed up as a society and education is "for 
profit" or "just for the individual" rather than realizing the benefits to our society 
Chris Stones: mmmm 
Jeff Graham: 
Chris Stones: I have to get a form filled out to own my homework 
Jeff Graham: kind of silly 
Jeff Graham: instructor: "did you write that?" 
student: "yes" 
instructor: "are you turning that in?" 
student: "yes" 
instructor: "as a graded assignment?" 
student: "yes" 
instructor: "do you own it?" 
student: "yes" 
instructor: "well actually..." 
Jeff Graham: nonsense 
Chris Stones: he he lol 
Chris Stones: follow that with 'yoink'

Finally blender documentation. I ran doxygen on the code and now I can begin to understand things. Finally.


Sick Day

September 3, 2007 Monday 11:46 Sick Day

I awoke from my sick bed to find to my surprise.
About a million ants assaulting my eyes.

They swarmed around a tissue
I had left late last night

And my mouth, well it wrinkled at this
sickening sight.
For the ants they made a meal.
Out of my mucus cloth.

And it sent me reeling to try and
clean them all off.

I sprayed poison with vengence.
And wiped them all clean

And then when I was done I checked
again and again

For anything moving, I'd spot and
I'll destroy.

And for next time I'll lock away
my tissues with joy.

It all goes to show one creatures mucus is another creatures dinner.

Notes Section

Do I usually get poetic when I'm sick?
Shiney new tools for a new developer snail$ man gprof snail$ man script snail$ man cscope picked up sourcenav too well sort of Chris Stones: "tell xcode to use it"? thetrueargon: "New Project" (I assume thats what you want) "External Build System" Chris Stones: interesting thetrueargon: open up the target, tell xcode what to run and where thetrueargon: but I don't know if it will be able to parse the errors to give you a filename:linenumber Chris Stones: mmm Sunday at 15:00 UTC Daniel Says CA is UTC -8 I think Something simple as time zones for meetings across the world give me headaches. So what ever GMT or UTC??? is I subtract 8 hours? so Sep 4, 2007 is 00:00:00 ack .. which means fo rme it's 7 am Sunday? is when i tend to a meeting? Not that bad.. if I'm correct then it's on the weekend anyway. And about the same time for me to wake up as any other day of the week. oops I did that with out looking here..
I hear it's good to get at least a little excersize on days of inactivity. You know, helps the limbic system. So I leisurely biked to my friends house. And it was nice.



September 1, 2007 Saturday 12:29 PM Musical

Today was the first time I successfully wrote what I was playing to the computer. It was one of the first things I did when I awoke this morning. And I'm proud of my little advance. It seems a step in the right direction for a more personal touch to movies.

Notes Section It's painful to not be able to write what I need to write.


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