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Arduous Journey

September 14, 2007 Friday Big Day

Well it was a big day. A very long and tough and tiring day but in it's own way it was exciting. Recapping now I find I was excited that it was pay day and I was also delighted to pour over a mathematical proof a friend of mine had written. It will prove useful for my own explorations on the topic of the Mean Radius of a Triangle.

But the trying aspect of the day was getting an RV from the backyard of a professors house to the back waters of McKindleyville. The thing died right at the very end of the arduous journey. By arduous I mean the thing barely made it to 40 mph in which case a lone line of cars piled up behind it. And I was right there driving behind her as she made her way through the streets.

Seeing the long row of cars in my mirror prompted me to consider a sort of equation that might predict just how many cars as a function of time spent on the road and the speed difference from the freeway speeds to the vehicle.

In short, the day was long but exciting and I would say fulfilling. I'll sleep well tonight as my whole body feels quite tired from all the other things that went on.

Notes Section This was Shawns page and it includes a published copy of the paper I've been chewing through. I must say he did a good job and was quite imaginative with the thing.
Mean Radius of a Triangle

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