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September 8, 2007 Saturday Catch of the Day

And so I did many things online. Just what have I reeled in? Quite an assortment of things, and short adventures to speak of.

For one, I finally did this..
Blender3D Users Unite!

It is a Blender3D Users group on the infamous tube.
I should tell blendernation

Like, "hi i'm from this video you linked to once...."
And upon recommendation from a few people I'd begin
a blender youtube group. I've always hated the fact I have
to deal with the youtube set up... but it so happens I
have the biggest voice there.. Until that changes...
I have to live with it.

Notes Section

Design python I found out how to run python from my IDE I use at work. PyDev on eclipse Chaos Theory on Rocket Boom! Nice job guys. Rocketboom Chaos Theory I downloaded the HD version later. Nice over view I'm stuck with googTube for better or for worse so I might as well find a feed for my movies. so long as keyword welcometochrisworld but this page is far more helpful In which case I found my feed! feed:// I quickly found button code to use with it... Miro Video Player Unfourntunatly, the site claims the tubes code is wrong... but I need help testing it to find out. Download Miro and click to add my feed. If it worked than I'm happy. If it didn't than I am no happy. It's that simple. Ah the good old days when the females asked the guys. Courtship through the years. I miss the good ol'days. Then when thoughts turned more towards school work... And a state history test.... I was just starting to think.. "man, I've got to study for that state test... and I suddenly found this.. Click to play State Tetris game Oh internet you saved me. Thank you internet. That helps a lot.

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