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September 5, 2007 Wednesday 11:11 PM No Entry
It's like what it says.. it's no entry.
Though I will note I pulled off solving that moodle bug at work today! It's why I felt so awake by the time I left... only now I hear I have to go use other code rather than what I fixed.... so besides that it's a good feeling.

Notes Section

And to think I've been using this webmail for 4 years....

And I came here all that while ago.

If I were to cut my time up into parts...
I'd start with 2 years in dorms.

The 2 years on Hidden Creek

Then a final on Diamond.

Each part marking a destinctly differnet feel in the continulus unraveling story of my life in the years beyound 2003 High School Grad.

And yet, I have not fully become independent But I know what to do if tommorrow I had to. I'd be washing dishes at a Casio a few miles away. But quickly realizing before any of that happens I'd like my job to be cozy and programmer like.

I enjoy my bug fixing in the mornings. The intense concentration is starting to show results as I no longer have to check back to my time clock to see only another minute has passed. I work through logic and jump through programed hoops.

And all the while I know I'm becoming better and more capable at my job. As a laboring coder of web technoloyg.. and them some.


These days it's easy to recall those old days.. back in that first or second semester when I think back to those long hours of insane debugging with my poor beginer skills on C++ class style programming.. I remember the cocoa I sipped and the joy of running my first GUI despite the simplisticness of it all.

And it's so fitting to be ending the college lesson with a recap of ideas with the same professors but now new topics.

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