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Own Your Homework!

September 4, 2007 Tuesday Own Your Homework! Your Homework?

Yes, your name might be on the top of the page but is your homework really... your homework?
Maybe not. Technically.....

Chris Stones: what if a student publishes his homework under the GPL 
Chris Stones: before the class assignments are due 
Chris Stones: And another student uses his work 
Chris Stones: Is that plagiarism? 
Jeff Graham: they are probably in violation of the terms of "being a student" 
Chris Stones: funny eh 
Chris Stones: legally they can in school they can't 
6:25 PM 
Jeff Graham: student work produced for in class credit is typically the universities 
Chris Stones: is there a document I can look at to verify that? 
Jeff Graham: its listed somewhere on HSU's site 
Jeff Graham: or talk to a librarian about intelectual property they are usually quite 
informed... if they are good librarians 
Chris Stones: would it be called student terms and conditions? 
Chris Stones: or something? 
Jeff Graham: no 
Jeff Graham: I can't remember, but it is not quite that straightforward 
Chris Stones: dang as soon as I find that... I'm going to make such a fuss 
Jeff Graham: if education was truly devoted to education it would all be published 
"open source" but alas... we have screwed up as a society and education is "for 
profit" or "just for the individual" rather than realizing the benefits to our society 
Chris Stones: mmmm 
Jeff Graham: 
Chris Stones: I have to get a form filled out to own my homework 
Jeff Graham: kind of silly 
Jeff Graham: instructor: "did you write that?" 
student: "yes" 
instructor: "are you turning that in?" 
student: "yes" 
instructor: "as a graded assignment?" 
student: "yes" 
instructor: "do you own it?" 
student: "yes" 
instructor: "well actually..." 
Jeff Graham: nonsense 
Chris Stones: he he lol 
Chris Stones: follow that with 'yoink'

Finally blender documentation. I ran doxygen on the code and now I can begin to understand things. Finally.

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