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Rhythm of Life

September 13, 2007 Rhythm of Life


It's hard to explain, Perhaps it's best to mention as a series of procedures by which I control stress while taking care of my work as well as school responsibilities in a timely fashion. I love to think. And in order to think freely and be creative I must spread out my life between hours wondering thought punctuated with intermission of class work and a variety of small more than trivial activity I partake in.

This soup of my life forms a Gantt Chart for success as I have come to know it. And in times when I am obstructed from being able to walk my path at pace I find myself growing stressed.

Furthermore, when someone criticizes me for choosing to play piano before homework rather than immediately homework they clearly do not understand my methods. I never consider it putting off work for I take my whole 6 hour window as one piece that involves what I do and what is required of me.

I feel it unfair to claim 'I'm not doing my work' when the way I proceed with work is much more than a mere serialized independent activity at a time attitude without regard for emotion state and work ethic feel.

I Alternate between my personal projects and school and I achieve both.
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Californian Gold - Huell Howser Productions The only movie star moment I've ever had.

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