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Salvation at Hand

September 7, 2007 Friday

It has been a very long day. And although I was very tired 2 hours ago, I perked up in my focus on various programming and other assorted ideas. There are many things to produce and its beginning to look exciting... especially one idea.

While I stood on the 5th floor of the new BSS building looking out over the trees and towards the ocean I was contemplating beginning an open source project of my own. The focus wouldn't be so much on the code as it woudl telling the story of development and then sharing the learning experience with others whom are newly learned on a programming language. I want to create a video series within the scope of the project to capture all the details of what its like to produce a software project adn oversee its develpoemtn in a community styled envirnment. Should be fun and exciting.

Speaking of fun. I tend to not have fun when I start hearing about other peoples social escapades in their lives. It reminds me I'm quite in experienced on teh whole and I begin to withdraw everytime I hear things brought up with friends. I'm not sure how I fully feel or what I would do as a result of the inadequate feeling. But its save to say I feel a whole lot of things I can't ever quite sort out.

My time of salvation is at hand, I can see the solitude coming and I'm glad.

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