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Sick Day

September 3, 2007 Monday 11:46 Sick Day

I awoke from my sick bed to find to my surprise.
About a million ants assaulting my eyes.

They swarmed around a tissue
I had left late last night

And my mouth, well it wrinkled at this
sickening sight.
For the ants they made a meal.
Out of my mucus cloth.

And it sent me reeling to try and
clean them all off.

I sprayed poison with vengence.
And wiped them all clean

And then when I was done I checked
again and again

For anything moving, I'd spot and
I'll destroy.

And for next time I'll lock away
my tissues with joy.

It all goes to show one creatures mucus is another creatures dinner.

Notes Section

Do I usually get poetic when I'm sick?
Shiney new tools for a new developer snail$ man gprof snail$ man script snail$ man cscope picked up sourcenav too well sort of Chris Stones: "tell xcode to use it"? thetrueargon: "New Project" (I assume thats what you want) "External Build System" Chris Stones: interesting thetrueargon: open up the target, tell xcode what to run and where thetrueargon: but I don't know if it will be able to parse the errors to give you a filename:linenumber Chris Stones: mmm Sunday at 15:00 UTC Daniel Says CA is UTC -8 I think Something simple as time zones for meetings across the world give me headaches. So what ever GMT or UTC??? is I subtract 8 hours? so Sep 4, 2007 is 00:00:00 ack .. which means fo rme it's 7 am Sunday? is when i tend to a meeting? Not that bad.. if I'm correct then it's on the weekend anyway. And about the same time for me to wake up as any other day of the week. oops I did that with out looking here..
I hear it's good to get at least a little excersize on days of inactivity. You know, helps the limbic system. So I leisurely biked to my friends house. And it was nice.

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