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Virus Code = Free Speech?

September 10, 2007 Monday Virus Code = Free Speech?

The fellow could use some more charismatic presentation skills but he speaks confidently and clearly. Nice all around presenation. Facebook Developers

I've often had questions about free speech and virus code publication. So a site like this caught my attention. Especially the part where they explain why some virus source has been removed: it remarks, "Even though the file is COMPLETELY HARMLESS, and our webpages are covered by Free Speech, we have removed it. "

In which case I would say.. so publishing virus code is free speech. But compiling and using it is against the law. Isn't that fascinating? In my opinion, this is what makes software such a strange entity. As classified under Copyright law software is a liteary work.
But how many liteary works do you know that can take over your computer?

very fascinating.

I think this topic appears suspiciosn from me as I have written it right below the Facebook video api movie. But I assure you I'm not criminal, and I do not write such things.. nor do I have the skill to do so.

Nice to get things like this done again...
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6:01 PM

I just found out my digital camera is cracked. Funny how that was not to long after finding out about a camera I really want.. happens to be 200 to 300 dollars. (About how much money I make in a pay period) Ironically I can't take a picture of it :(.

Making a Difference

I felt good today. I felt like I was making a difference. Not everyday feels like this. Not everyday has me so excited. I knew I was living the life style of someone whom speaks up in class, in meetings and helps a fellow computer science major get a job.
Yeah, it's a lot.

The common thread was that I spoke up where I would never have normally spoken up. And it changed the day... and I would argue that in some small way the world is changed as well.

Vice Pres. of Communications Club

I get the idea that Tricia is a very structured person. To bed on time. No meandering about if its not necessary. Always forward thinking. And as I sat at the meeting table for the communications club I sat back and enjoyed the display of power that emenates from her when she takes charge. I marveled at the confidence. And I smiled realizing I was capable of the exact same thing.

I have lots to do and to worry about... But designing and helping admin the Communications Club Website sounds like something good for me. It sounds like it has the potential to make a difference. Upon that, it seems that being in a club means something to me now. I've sat in on enough club and group like meetings to realize that you get the most out if you put the most in. And if I'm ready to do so in this small way I may have a much larger impact.

Prejudice Line

I grabbed my sandwitch in prepertion for the lunch code meeting. And as I walked to the 4 cashiers 1 of which was black I noted that despite longer lines many white students would wait in the lines for the other white cashiers. At some point it would even out but for a few moments I noted the difference. As I also noted that the black students would almost always wait in the line with teh black cashier. I think I should bring this up in class.

Despite the cost of a longer line, most people felt willing to make it to have a white cashier (or for some other unknown reason)

Detour Behavior

I stopped

Don't ever think that an idea dies, in my case they always cycle and come back again.
Notes Section

Is there a social density that is average for students at HSU? maybe it's like 1 human per 4 sq meters.
To Aaron Antrim Like memes they are passed on. While I apologize for not being more involved with the big push to revolutionize how clubs and groups on campus utilize their web resources I recalled your amazing inspiration to divide the usage between web tech admins and web users. That was a moment when I went "Ah Ha!" and I have you to thank for it. I'm currently helping in creating the Communications club Website and I wondered if drupal or joomla were every successfully run off of the space as well as I'm interested to hear what became of very thing. Again, I apologize for bringing this possibility delicate topic back up but I wanted to let you know you still have a huge impact regardless of pass events.


Anonymous said...

WOW! You're joining a club??? And the Comm Club at that??? Who are you and what have you done with Chris?! ;-)
Sounds fun.

Sirhc Senots said...

Who are you?


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