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What a Week

September 28, 2007 Friday What a week.

I'd have to say ouch for this week. It's been painful but I think I can recover over this weekend. I'm so far behind in my classes. I have to haul it to get back to nominal levels in both Computer Law and History. Never have I had the sensation of knowing that I scored nearly perfect on one test only to find a complete failing on another. Immediacy upon leaving my history exam I wrote out a study plan that involves filtering out all reading into a series of note cards and reviewing them daily. History 111 is a class I can't afford to fail.

Speaking of not affording. I wonder what plans Delta Dental offers? For it seems my student insurance is soon to run out and I have to book an appointment in 6 months. That's March. I biked home after the ordeal today. It's a minor celebratory note as it was the last cavity I had to have filled.. for now. I've learned my lesson.

I've learned my lesson. Brush, floss, Fluoride rinse. I don't even touch soda the same way I once did. I go for the mug of water instead. That's probably a good thing all around anyway I suppose.

With that mess settled and other messes settled I feel I can obtain what I lacked before.. for so many months... Clarity.

Oh and here's some nice renders I achieved today.
Nice. The slight gloss makes me feel special. Even better. I obtained a colored hue on the surface! Not the best but it was the first one that came out like this. Let's just say it was very rewarding to read about ray tracers and how to use them. ;)

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