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Am I getting Sick?

October 17, 2007 Wednesday Am I getting Sick?

It is hard to tell for I spent the latter half of this day with a headache and its company grew old fairly fast. I tried drinking water. I tried sleeping and I tried relaxing in a hot shower. ... All those things help but as soon as my heart rate moves up or I tense again its back so I'm trying not to stress over anything.

I just need to get quietly through the night and perhaps rest in tomorrow to make sure I'm okay. All the while I can't seem to find those vitamin drops I had last time. At least I have an arsenal of cough syrup should I wake up under siege.

I've been thinking about a certain sequence today.

"When I die and become fossilized I hope I'm not hung up over a food bar"

Notes Section

Geometry Police Call Dispatch binascii has the encoding I need

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