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October 15, 2007 Monday 11:12 PM Apples?
Someone writes Chris:

> what are you feelings towards apples?


I suppose your asking whether I'm pro apple or con apple, eh? Since I do not know what context your asking me this in. I'm finding it difficult to come to a resolution regarding the matter of apples.

If your speaking of the edibility. I tend not to eat fruit. I eat vegetables, I love pastas I love candy bars. I started loving water after 8 trips to the dentist.

So the general answer is no I do not like to eat apples.

I do like to go to AppleBee's the restaurant. I happen to have a 25 dollar gift card left over from my birthday. However, I don't like driving myself there. ( I tend not to like to drive into Eureka. My mind simply doesn't like to go 'one way'

And now, may I ask why you ask?
And if so, then Why do you ask?

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