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The Best of Chris World!

The Best of Chris World! 

This is a look back at some of the great moments in Chris World Movie Making history. It's a Bunny I sing in reverb all the time. During My Break (The old version before the new 'better' music is added) Continuity Errors Funny movie errors. News Cast One No Idea I have a lab of scientist working round he clock to get me a date. And it has the line, "This is Chris World. It's a family show" The Feel of a Shot What is the difference between... EXT. FIELD - DAY MALE walks to or away from camera. ANd INT. HALLWAY - DAY MALE walks to or away from camera. What sort of feel do you get from the same basic information? Ready to Rumble Router The fight is on when my new router refuses to work. Get a look at the part when it whacks me. This movie also includes one of the movie previews. Intermission 3 Video Overlays I show how to add CG effects to movies and it helps a lot of people. Digital Addiction I don't like that 'game' that much but the effect is why I include it. For Pet Lovers Guitar my me. It also features the cat that opened the screen door and let itself in. More Like Zay This movie incorporates footage from last break. Pure Chris World Can you figure out what Chris World is yet? The Music Thorn I lament the fact I'm forced to use only music I have the rights to. The Cuts make it more erratic to convey my mood on the issue. July Rewound My memory has a lot of static in it. The Unfilmables Watch out for that black box... And check out the hilarious voice changing. Chris and KJ Keep watching for the CG add ins. And the hilariousness of the bleeping. Jump Cuts Sadie didn't know why I was acting the way I was at the beginning. Life Review March The Journal Effect. Old Measurement Movie Very old school. Take a look at young Chris. Trust me... better ones exist in the future.

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