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Burned Out

October 7, 2007 Sunday Burned Out

Its a sunny day as I walk out with my math book in hand. And the warm air revitalizes my tired muscles and reassures me that I am alive. I think I spend 70 or 80 or even 90 percent of my time trying to figure things out that I've forgotten to just go out on a sunny day and walk around a bit. How could I have forgotten that?

Its only sunny for a month or so more before the heavy rains come and it grows even colder. I wish I had gotten to be out in it more this year. ....
I need a break from it.. and yet i still have class work to take care of.

I never expected that the communications club website would have taken so long to figure out. And I wanted to get it done so I had something to tell them tomorrow.

Notes Section

Simple Holography Light Value Stereogram Printer Cosmic Rays " Computer companies must take cosmic rays into consideration when designing computers. As components become smaller and more powerful, strikes from high energy cosmic ray particles can do more damage. One result of a cosmic ray strike is called a "single event upset," which occurs when a computer memory cell is hit. This can change the basic units of memory which are made up of patterns of 1’s and 0’s. Computers must be designed to run constant checks to correct for any changes made, such as a 1 suddenly changed to a 0. Another possible result is called a "latch-up." Latch-ups happen when a cosmic ray burns out a component. By shutting down computers every now and then, glitches caused by latch-ups may be repaired. This problem is especially acute for computers aboard satellites, since they are exposed to a higher intensity of cosmic rays than computers on the ground."

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