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The Good Catch

October 11, 2007 Thursday The Good Catch

I speak of ideas as the catch for today yields some good ones. They are some of the most exciting parts of my life for they are the substance of thought and the beacon of existence for me. They live on when I don't.


I wanted to write up all these ideas nicely... but I'm so tired and worn by the end of my day I can't bring myself to do it. So they go up not as polished thoughts but as notes. It's really ashame.

Notes Section

The Civil Mind. Residual Essence (The Soul Machine) My soul runs on Linux. The Beauty of Program Write poem, a story.. a novel? But write a program and watch the wondrous things that result. Is this is is this not on parse with other great literary works? I was thinking about the swarm script a program written that makes objects in blender appear to swarm. I'm amazed at how it was designed.. who did they figure out what swarming was? How can someone study it? Despite the technicality of copyright programs as literary works. ;) Open Source forever? While closed source code dies off open source may be able to live on and go through hundreds of versions... as society continues to deploy it. What will that bring us? 24 hour service with no one working during the night? As in no one stays up all night. How is that possible? Depends on where the service help call is coming from... across the whole globe. And no one has to stay up all night. ;) ---- I find good conversations for people with people if you can strike up the right things to talk about. Interesting things. Like differing ways humans in different majors view the world. And the problem with thinking your major is the best.

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