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Google Search Future

October 18, 2007 Thrusday 11:56 AM Google Search Future

I wish I could type in a url and know the future. I keep wanting to know what is going to happen to me so I know if my here-and-there pessimism is somehow justified. I'm usually happy but that is when I'm not thinking about the future possibilities that await me. Talk about TMT.

Moodle skills are godsend though. I have skills that fit well into a university. And I fit will into universities for I like the nature of the place. Also, education is generally funded during hard times. And since the skills are world wide I could go elsewhere. Not to mention the Moodle HQ is in Australia.

Watch this video and do yourself and the world a favor and DON'T vote for Giuliani.

Notes Section

Fact Check on Giuliani Oh I completely forgot about the electoral college.. Just vote for the guy whom shouldn't vote for him will ya? I didn't know I was almost as old as an NES. NES Retirement 1985 - 2007 Aww you little fish.
Ah the country that sold its letters... "The State of Tuvalu had, for example, sold the rights to the "dot tv" appellation." Link

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