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October 20, 2007 Saturday 4:50 PM Radio Silence

It may of well have been like passing on the other side of the moon. For the first time I turned off my home phone ringer... and set the cell to vibrate and slept. I do not know how long... but I know I really really needed to sleep. And so I made absolutely sure that I could. I even went up stairs and asked my neighbor to quiet the music.

And just now I got up again... while realizing that 6 o'clock was going to be approaching. So I decided to restart the day again.

Today had been the infamous GWPE or (Graduate Writing Proficiency Examine) and I spent a solid 2 hours writing "by hand" in the neatest writing that I could. And I was glad to be done. After that I was fairly exhausted and I made a trip into town to find a hair cut but was left empty handed. ... No cuts on weekends.

So, then I biked to a grocery store after a few other odd happenings. And was so tired and so worn and so hungry that when I returned I was not in a good mood.

And so I turned everything off. And napped and now I'm all better. I think.

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