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The Storm?

October 9, 2007 Tuesday The Storm?

6:25 PM I was told a storm was coming. And that's more warning than I normally have. I should really check these things. So I expected the power to go out.. which it hasn't yet.. but the internet to Arcata and who knows where else is dead. This prevents the use of cards to purchase goods. I'll remember that for next time. As I hadn't realized that was going to be an issue during the day.

Though there is much reading for classes. I can do having the internet down prevents me from completing certain computer based assignments on time. It's not like I hadn't worked on a lot of the java assignment... but that work that remains requires access to the Java API as well as the ability to look up currency conversion rates... which I could perhaps just make up given the circumstances.

Regardless, I keep expecting the power to go out completely.. hence preventing me from typing this on my computer.. but it hasn't yet.. and the only redeeming thing about the warning is the fact the net went down. However long that will be.

I may still write about the thoughts of the day of which I find I had a few due to the fact my research for one of my classes had me resorting to making use of the library in which case I was watching an old video on Computer security the way it was in the 80's. I love watching the old shows like that. They have their charms and I find them thought provoking for their curious predictions and the future of computing id in some case the world I live in today... or at least some portion of it.

So I leave the library thinking about how far I've come in my own understanding of these machines that I find a large number of people are against in one way or another. I wonder just how many? Certainly, more people have a better understanding but I do find those in age category, (more than I would imagine) not being 'computer people' which is okay but they shy away from even discussion of basic computer activities. And I made sure to remind myself not to be so nieve as to think everyone has access all through out the world. ... but I would think that students on a college campus have a vested interest in knowing how to handle the basics of the technology....
It still perplexes me that she seems so against it.

I walk into the instructional math lab of the new 5 story campus building and sit down in the room where grad student math tutors are assisting undergrads in their mathematical endeavors. I find i like to sit amongst these goings on for whatever reason. Maybe it is because I can over hear explanations or I like to be around those whom are helping others while the people they help are calm and thankful. I don't think I'm allowed to help. But I think about it... especially when it was as busy there as it was today.
I also like writing my name in the sign in so that I may help show that the place is useful to people.
Oh yeah, and maybe the fact that they are grad students has something to do with it.... as in they have something interesting going on due to the nature of their work.

Notes Section

It would be nice to have a power back up so that my computer can be shut down gracefully. *wink *wink

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DWdad said...

Since your video sampler doesn't change, it would be better to put it at the bottom of the page instead of at the top.

Note on earlier posting about cosmic rays limiting the size of computers: while it makes sense, this exact postulation was mentioned to me by science fiction author Joe Haldeman... wait for it... about 20 years ago. He was making it up, he was quoting an article. Think of how small circuitry has gotten since then!


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