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After events?

November 8, 2007 After events?

This deserves an epilogue... or is it not over? Maybe it will never be over. Maybe I can not find a way to write a decent epilogue to an on going story. Though I wish I could.

As I have stated before, when events in my life become overwhelming the writing grinds to a halt. If I could just get through an entire year where I have written everyday then readers would know that I have

I look more to the journal with a sobering smile. I began so earnest and idealistic with freeing my written words. I find at times I burn myself on the caldron of reality.

And at other times? I ignore the simple fact that it is out there until roughly stirred from my

Alone is a feeling I have often debated. I have discussed numerous times in the past the difference between alone and lonely. I have thought over the consequences and rejoiced at various aspects of the long elusive melodrama that has transformed my entire life into a stream of text.

Conjured.. whenever those whom incur feel like it. I spend tonight at home rustling among my math papers looking for a way to pass my math midterm tomorrow. With all that has happened I have not gotten a chance to think clearly and frankly about my studies. The effects may show at the end of this semester when the reaper of grades draws its lathe ever closer.

You know I'm sad when I grow more poetic don't you? And I write as though talking to people because I've become more aware of those whom have read this trail of thought.

And my feelings towards that? Mixed. More mixed than they have ever been before.

Notes Section

I IMed with her... Nikol on WSJ! She's featured in this article. She's one of the creators of the Mid West Teen Sex Show.
So I've been gone for 9 days? That's a fair about of time.

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