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Continued Thinking

November 15, 2007 Continued Thinking

My thought process continues as I begin to unravel all the complex ideas that ride along with transparency as it has come to be known in my rather extremely small circle of support. The discussion today, hinges on the contemplation of what materials to generate in response to the lack of understanding this topic has. Due to its anger inciting nature I prefer to have all my logic in good order before promoting the tow line.

That is I would prefer to put up some metal plating around my glass house so the stones don't destroy my restful place of living.

So I embark now upon a set of summarizations for myself over just what I should create to unveil this story. I think I must begin by refuting those whom have always told me,

"That everything sounds good in theory but probably doesn't work in real life."

And to you good sirs, you ladies and gentlemen and logic jockeys... to the Backyard Philosophers whom would contemplate this and that with out care or conclusion..
I offer the short Philosophers manifesto, Idea Matters

It provides a window into the past alterations governed by the use of theory and outlines the roles that ideas have played as ideological shifts in history began to alter the course of society. If theory and theorist don't matter than why is there a board of Economics advisers working for the government? It was only after the the stock market crash and the Great Depression that having good economic theory suddenly became important. But the fact is people had learned there lessons and were ready to listen to theory when people were made to realize their fragile well beings were at stake.

The point must be made in order to proceed with any sort of discussions about a society that is right now hypothetical but at the same time eager for discussion. The next piece will need to discuss The Vicious Right to Privacy and its deep rooted and respected place in human life. I can agree it is an important thing but while I propose the arguments for it I will challenge those whom value it with the responsibility to protect it. And I would argue that in order to protect the right you might need to rethink what that right really means. And in the end those whom will steal your privacy can not be stopped themselves without some careful watching. Hypocrisy at its finest? You be the judge but don't ever think you still have a choice as we shall find in the next piece....

The Illusion of Alone

For it is far to easy for people to give up information about themselves for short term gain without contemplating the full scope of their decisions. Your privacy might be there in opinion but not in fact as this world has had a clever way of keeping you in the dark while your information floats free being bought and sold over the market or stock piled in third party nations.

Notes Section

Subgroup Disadvantage If a subgroup favors and applies how disadvantaged are they from the rest? The Rule of History No more rehashing. Unequal Process With all the facts there... the power rests with how well anyone can make use of the information. Deadly Dissent Useful Mr. Anonymous Empowerment verse Detrimental Re Imagine the Story Lines The End of Cheaters The rise of Reality Stalkers of the Stalked The Jerk Ratio Perfect Study. (The End of Stats) Legislative Loop Hole Just what does present day privacy and image control allow? The Turn Over How do we get from here to there? without the police state tendency? How much is enough? Daily Decisions What policy can you adopt today? To benefit in your life? Much is based on Only then can true acceptance begin The Eyes of God In gods eyes right? See's all? Can you guess what you would be capable of? But how careful would you have to be? For everyone else has them too. Play Nice Kids. Humanity is still growing. Will it survive long enough?
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