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Outlined Day

November 26, 2007 Monday 10:26 PM Outlined Day
Here's a day at a glance.

  • Three Good Things for Today
    • Discovered Awesome Quantum Mechanics Book
    • Obtained Reg Code for Microcontroller Class
    • Was a Hot Shot in Java
  • Philosophical Idea
    • Subjectivity Rests in Objectivity
  • My Knowledge Obtainment Algorithm
    • If you can't know. Explain why.
    • If you can know explain how
    • If you could know but don't know yet.. Find a process that will lead you to the idea
Notes Section

A few lines of Code? Millions of loss dollars. I love this major. Great Disasters in Computer History I can't believe I have to wait till 2015. Dang. Humanities last chance might get here too late. ITER (The Movie Presentation) Mystery Swan? Zara? Rosie? No Lindsay?

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