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Reluctant to Type

November 13, 2007 Tuesday 10:52 AM Reluctant to Type

It feels different now. I feel reluctant to type and many nights in a row I would miss a post. I'm told its best to get back to normal as soon as possible after traumatic events so that your doing things that are positive and constructive to place some distance in your mind.

Perhaps, the problem with me is that writing and posting seems related to the traumatic events in more than one case and it now feels hard to want to share thoughts or write with the knowledge some people read the postings. ... I had written so long ago about my excitement to have more about thoughts up and since then having been burned for doing it I have a more sober outlook towards sharing.

But I hate it all the same for no one takes the time to offer constructive criticism. They only use the means and information to their own violent ends. And for that I mourn the loss of comfortably posting for there is nothing wrong with truth. But the people whom hear it and disagree with it.

There are certain issues in my life that I will die for. Or at least die while spending my entire life trying to explore and understand their world changing aspects. I know I do not 'yet' exist in world devoid of lies or deception. And I understand hurtles, millions of miles tall stand before humanity and the promise of true freedom wrung about by the retraction of selfish and ill understand rights. But I can not begin to tell you just how much better life would be if you could only give up something you 'think' you love in order to gain The Eyes of God.

For in the end it is truth in an empirically recorded world that lives on unbiased. And for the first time in history.. humans could do it. They could someday chose light. But they seem more likely to trust the dark that comes with human modified history as it is written down on bias paper.

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Viannah said...

It's good to get back in the swing of things after a traumatic event, but that doesn't mean you should forget or cover it up completely.

I was in a serious car crash on Dec. 31, 1999 in Red Rock, TX, involving me and a cousin of mine. We were both okay physically, but the SUV we were in was flipped over and totaled. Since we were in town for a wedding the next day, our trauma was paved over so that the couple's Big Day wouldn't be ruined. Unfortunately, it STAYED paved over, and we've both suffered Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder because of it, something neither of us even realized until midway through college, FIVE years later.


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