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November 23, 2007 Friday Sick

I had tried to go to bed early tonight. I had spent most of the day with a throbbing headache and was starting to feel slight nausea... so I thought sleeping was better than trying to finnish my history paper. And so fell into bed hoping to sleep it all off.

But I awoke to a mysterious phone call. No message. I thought maybe it was Joy and called her to see if something was wrong. She had said the power was out at her place and perhaps she needed something. So I called. And it was not her.

I went back to bed and after I had fallen... I was awoken again by a phone call. This time I was shocked to hear whom it was.

I tried to go back to bed again but this time I could not sleep very well. So I got up and started typing. .... I suppose I'll work again on the paper so I do not wake up with such a thing over my head.

You know, I wish I could go back to that beautiful place. The place where the water meets the land and the rock... but I couldn't bring myself to go. Its a shame I don't feel I can now. I have a far sadder memory attached to such a place and I can picture myself going and just sitting on a rock .... not being able to enjoy the view.

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