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November 14, 2007 Wednesday Solidification

"I don't negotiate with people whom terrorize me." (Chris 11.13.2007)

I'm told that how much, and what I write is a thermometer of how well I'm doing. Though I'm sure some readers would argue for to them it seems I have a split personality over what I write and what I talk to them about on the phone. I believe they feel it is skewed towards harsher facts in text and more mellow phone conversations. But I can not be certain for I am not them.

Personally, I thought that the ability to post a movie met I was at the peek of my routine-ness for it meant I was taking care of everything and still had managed my time enough to be able to spend 3 hours working on something else. But lately, posting is difficult.. but slowly turning around.

I debate with myself over whether or not to create a movie mourning a bit for how things once were and demonstrating the seriousness of how things are now. I think it's because I'd like to post something in recognition that although it may look like things are normal they don't feel entirely that way. And any upbeat excitement I display in a movie may or may not be as genuine as it appears....
But then again, I think I'd rather wait until I could handle showing up in a movie and being the way that I look instead of looking the way I wish I could be.

As I walked about today, my mind was on fire with thought. I spent a considerable amount of the walking to and from class in a huff contemplating all the things that have happened to me as I move through this existence.
And I believe I was reaching a point of solidification for what I am to do about it all.

As it dawned on me, in my mulling, that I was doomed either way I went. The world would love to tear itself apart with me in or out of it. And I realized that its present course almost assured it. It was at that point that I decided that proposing a way out. A solution. Was far better than sitting back and letting the world destroy me without a single punch thrown on my behalf.

And so my thoughts turned towards a curious little, yet complicated notion about the best way to banish misleading information from the world. And to not stop at that, but to proceed forward and show light upon all areas of the ugliness of society where ever human begins feel they can feed in the ick of the dark.

I do feel that once revealed, those individuals whom form the grime of society will scatter like roaches.

But before that day comes... if it ever does.
I know I will take my stand and fight for it for the rest of my life.

Because I can not stand everyone getting away with everything forever.

It must end.

Notes Section

Empirical History IS the only History .. If I was president... I would.... put in a system of direct democracy for the Executive branch so that my decisions were the peoples. They could never refute the high gallop poles for they would be the ones whom decided. Talk to my Ghost. If I programmed an AI with used my journal as a semantic net I could procure a very interesting way to discuss my past life experiences. My favorite sentence from this post... But then again, I think I'd rather wait until I could handle showing up in a movie and being the way that I look instead of looking the way I wish I could be.

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