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December 3, 2007 Monday typo-tastic

I would like to note for my future refernce that when giving the choice between being hungry an tired and having to chose whether or not to sleep or eat. Sleeping is probabily not the right choice. Eating is a good idea for you gain nutrients and will wake up better rested when you 'finally do sleep. ... I now have the expereince of making the wrong choice and its strange because I've never taken the nap when given the choice of food or nap.

typo-tastic - the description of my typing behavior during internet instant message chats. (Lindsay Dec. 3, 2007)

Facebook study is catching more of my attention. I actually began looking around at other applications last night as I did research for how to write my own. And I relayed out a question that I didn't really intend to e mail people with. But it happened. I realized that facebook couples content and feeds in a way that few people even have to know what a feed is to use. It therefore becomes an excellent way to create entertaining material that I know will pop up on screens of people I know on campus and perhaps much further away.


Flickering Lights

December 2, 2007 Sunday Flickering Lights

The flickering Lights tell me its time to post... even if it's a little premature. But in the effort to make sure to text in some words for today I know not what to speak of it. So I will not speak but merely generate a place holder for later reference.


Quiet Tired but Fine

December 1, 2007 Saturday Quiet Tired but Fine

It's late now and wind begins to pick up here and there outside. And I await the computers next move on the chess board next to me. I sit in the crisp warmth of my office/living room/kitchen and breath relieve at the fact my final java programming assignment is done.

I have much to do to manage my digital accounts and much much more work to be done to wrap of classes but for the moment. I relax as much as I can knowing I have been through a lot in the past several months and I'm looking forward to more clam and predictable events.

Sim City has a vastly different feel when I actually am old enough to contemplate the games simulation and identify just was is going on. ... However I have no idea why I'm getting traffic reports after I bulldozed every street. Well the problem went away once the population went down to zero.

Notes Section

When kids become grown ups. Punch Out Rock Out via I never saw this until now. I never thought of skating on treadmills. Impressive. 8 treadmills 4 guys viral net classic


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