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Movie: Farewell 2006

December 31, 2006 Sunday Movie: Farewell 2006

(It will look like a white box unless you have the codec)
Though I think the newest version of quicktime actually finally supports it... I'm not entirely sure. So if there is trouble viewing. Try getting VLC
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Or if for someone reason you can't do that there may be a flash embedded video further down.
Ah yes, let me recall 2006 in montage form.

4:23 AM I know this year is coming to an end and I know I started a text file that I never could quite get away from. I kept saying I'd transition through it into my own journal software but that never quite materialized. ... Though there was a bit of effort made to some degree. It seems the simple textfile is slowly transforming into a html file. When my thoughts return to what I would program in it's place I still don't know how to organize everything. .... Side note. There is a huge problem with the 'matrix' way of virtualization. It's the huge amount of physical processing that would be required to create the illusion. And that's if you mapped all the nerve systems correctly. I wondered... perhaps it would be possible to get around that calculation problem by inducing the right sort of hallicenations. More like creating a lucid dream but getting the machine to supply updates of information and injects to help control the world your dreaming. If you turn off that part of the brain that says your asleep and give 'just enough' feedback to provide some interaction... could it be possible to place yourself into a different world with out breaking bank on the amount of calculations? ....

"I used to think of getting things done quickly, now I think about getting them done right. And the hard work it all takes"

.... 4:29 AM I realize I entered this world. This world with it's preoccupation with it's problems. The common mental understanding of the global fate it may have. I enter into a place better off than many many people in that sed world. I wonder to what degree my thoughts and emotions towards everything have been morphed by the premises of this world. I wonder where the 'me' really is. Had I gotten to go back and start a controlled experiment... I would reset myself in a different world and observe the differences. ... I've spent a few hours this night re-reading my life and picking ou excerpts in order to roll back the clock. Role back the cosmic tape. Is the universe betamax or VHS? Anyway,
Chris World in Review Excerpts from the journal..... "March 3, 2006 Friday 11:16 PM I notice how the psychological impact of my journal changes when I write with the knowledge I'll be posting. Some things just can not be written this way. Also, I feel compelled to explain back ground."[Otherwise Known As] "One of my early morning thoughts was on journaling. I've noticed that my journal has strange impacts on my life every so often. They usually involve someone reading a bit of it and acting a different way or much more likely I need to go back and look things up. I've used it to write some nice birthday e mail cards. I realized that now that I write to a more public location there should be an even larger effect. Probably, something on par with that time Amber mentioned fencing to me after she saw the T. Giving Break movie. I remember that for a second I was like, "What... How did you know I fenced?" She cited the movie and then I realized just how much I enjoyed having people up to speed on things before I ever have to explain anything. I think it works like this. If you cared to read about current happenings and a source for that exists then I don't have to spend time troubling you with details when I don't even know if you want to hear them. The showcase of the things I work on, life included, motivated me to continue to work on things with new vigor. Least that hasn't died quite yet but when other stuff picks up I'm obviously won't be spending 3.25 hours making movies about my day which I suppose wasn't that intriguing anyway. In fact, what is more intriguing is the simple idea that it's now out there embossed into the web for anyone to come and gander at." I Cause This entry also features one of the earlyest autobiographical video entries. Despite the comments I make about filming editing and posting movies like, "That is not something to do everyday. Takes to long. I recorded that fact."3.05.2006 I seem to be leaning towards attempting to do it more regularly anyway. What a perfect time to begin such a thing... a whole new year just around the corner. I enjoy the subtile affects the movies create... "Last night Sadie remarked to me later after picking me up that she had a movie star moment. She recognized me from the movies and was like 'oh look there he is it's that guy' and quickly realized that was dumb because it was just Chris. I was amused. I derive enjoyment from all the weird things that happen when more and more of my life is digitized and up somewhere on line." CURRENT KNOWN ISSUES In those first few days of the begining of this whole thing I try to think about how to handle sensitive material. "Sensitive Material? I'm still grappling with what belongs in a blog. What things should I censor? I've always done a sort of censoring in my journal. Mostly, I would leave off names and mention vague events and it was up to my memory to fill in the blanks. Most of the time that doesn't work very well though." CURRENT KNOWN ISSUES It would seem as though I struggle with the same problems as when I first began. A chronic disorder of ambition. "The other fact that sometimes bugs me is that I think of so many more things than I actually get to do. Especially when it comes to movies. I have many many idea for movies. I have creative ideas for movies but they get lost, or written down and filed away, or I get motivated but not enough to carry me through the whole process so things get plain forgotten. It drives me crazy sometimes to know that what ever movie I can show people isn't any where near what I have dreamt up. Their plain unrepresentative of my current capability. " Without the Warmth of Friendship I would hope that someone reading this post would soon see the utility in record keeping of ones life. It's in these thoughtful times I can go back and examine what is the same and what is different and what sort of progress I am making... if any. Perhaps, even remind myself of projects I would like to come back to. It's all there waiting for me to shift through the data and make new decisions with my life. I want people to eventually see specific examples of the usefulness of 'using' the journal and not just keeping it. It's to that end that I make sure to pay special attention to those 'journal effects' The entry Empty Walks speaks of the strange possiblity of reviewing life. Best to close this day here. Tommorrow is the first of a new year. And to readers of this post perhaps it is today as well.

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